How to Clean your Sterling Silver Jewelry

You can keep your jewelry looking shiny with few tips. These tips are used to care for your

sterling silver jewelry.

Never Swim in Your Ornaments

It is recommended to not to mix chlorine with sterling silver jewelry. If you dip your favourite pieces in hot tub, it may discolour the pieces. Chlorine usually weakens the metal claws around diamonds so there are chances that you may loose precious stones.

Avoid Direct Contact with Sprays

There is a possibility that these hairsprays, perfume and other sprays can make the silver looking dull. So, adornment shall be the last things which you will wear and first thing you take off.

Store Properly

Sterling silver jewelry gets tarnished if you expose it to air. So, it is better to store it in clean and dry place. Excellent options may include a velvet lined jewelry or enclosed in a sealed plastic bag. You should not store the sterling jewelry in car cup holders, bottom of purse and in bathroom.

Keep Away from Moisture

You would never face problem if you keep the adornment in clean and dry place. You should always take off jewelry when you sweat and if you are going for a spa day then leave your ornaments at home.

Wear Your Ornament

You need to wear the ornaments for a lifetime! It is better to wear it so as to avoid tarnishing. The natural oil from your body will prevent it from tarnishing.

Occasionally Clean Your Ornament

You can mix a little water with baking soda and rub the paste on the adornment. Rinse it with water and dry with a hair dryer.

Turn to the Professionals

Sometimes, it is not possible to clean the adornment so you need to take the help from professionals to get it cleaned.

Diamond Cleaning Tip

The favorite and easy technique to clear the diamond is very simple and you can do it at home. A small jar of clean soap and old toothbrush is sufficient to clean the diamond. Dip the toothbrush in soap water and brush the ring and then rinse it in a small bowl of water.


How To Prevent Jewelry from Tarnishing

Have you received ornaments which are  old and does not give shiny look after a period of time? Tarnish is actually a layer of corrosion that is formed on metals when they undergo a chemical reaction with other acid or compounds.

This sort of effect is formed due to the way it is used and stored. There are certain tips to keep the silver jewelry stop tarnishing and preserve gold embellishments in better form bought from online jewelry store.

1. Cleaning and Polishing

You need to prevent the body oil and lotion to accumulate on the adornment. Clean, polish and remove all oils from the ornaments with a soft cloth when undressing to make it look beautiful forever.

Wash it with soap or warm water and then dry it thoroughly.

2. Storage

The ornaments tarnish at faster rate if they are left out in the open and exposed to oxygen. To prevent from tarnishing, you may store it in an acid-freed, closed container for silver jewelry stop tarnishing.

You may avoid leaving the embellishment in direct contact with sunlight or heat as it will fade the colour.  The adornments need to keep in a protective box or wrap it in a soft cloth for silver jewelry stop tarnishing.


You may store the adornment in the Silverrage Jewelry Gift box or in a nice soft pouch.

3. Avoid Exposure to Chemicals

You can avoid the ornaments to be in contact with sea salt, chemicals, alcohol, fruit acid, vinegar and chlorine e.g. swimming pools or hot tubs.

Always apply cosmetics, perfume, lotions and hairspray before you put on the jewelry item.

Always take off your embellishments when you are cleaning, exercising, gardening or showering to avoid damage to the material.

4. Gemstones

Coloured Gemstones should not be in direct contact with sunlight otherwise it will become dull.

The ornaments which are in direct contact with bleach, chlorine, hand cream or other harsh chemicals will erode the finish and polish off the stone.

5. Pearls

Always take the ornaments before showering, swimming at the beach or getting into pool as it will damage the embellishment.

Always clean the adornment with soft cloth and apply lotion and hand product first before putting the adornment to avoid the acid and oil damaging the product.

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Silver Jhumka Rajasthani Online Shopping

The Jhumka is a beautiful ear ornament with an exclusive indian influence. It can be exceedingly detailed or basic and dainty. The extent of the Jhumka varies from the clearly huge to the unassumingly little.

The Jhumka is made out of two components. A round plate called the Karanphool which sits on the earlobe and dangling from it is a inverted cup or bell which is known as the Jhumki or Katori and together this ornament is known as the Jhumka..

The Jhumka can trace its roots to the desert kingdoms of Rajasthan. In a dry leave locale where vegetation is uncommon the conceptualization of this piece of jewelry was an outflow of the beauty of verdant nature.

Karanphool implies a bloom for the ear. The Jhumki or transformed glass symbolizes the shortage of water in this area and the two elements put together signify the sacredness of these two gifts of nature which are scarce in the desert.

These two segments of the trimming were disconnected and could be worn exclusively as well. The Jhumki could be hung into a straightforward Bali while the Karanphool worn without anyone else.


In Rajasthan the Jhumka is set in gold with uncut precious stones, rubies, emeralds and sapphires. Gold balls and beads are by and large sprinkled to balance the splendid brilliance of these valuable diamonds. Strands of gold beads strung in gold wire or thread attached to the highest point of the karanphool or behind it, are either taken around the ear to support the weight of this piece of jewelry or these saharas can also be pinned to the hair to minimize the weight on the ear

Searching for something brilliant? You should consider the delightful Meenakari Jhumkas from Jaipur, Rajasthan. These are enameled Jhumkas and for the most part have a peacock, flower or paisley design work.

The best part about meenakari Jhumkas is that you will dependably discover a couple with a similar shading mix to coordinate your outfit. It resembles they were made-to-order.

Another alternative is Jhumkas with kundan work. These are best in combination with gold. Online Shopping of Jhumkas can be lot of fun especially on best online shopping site for silver jewelry earrings like Silverrage. Silverrage has largest collection of fashion and imitation earrings whether you are looking for Jhumkas, Peacock style earrings, Kashmiri style Earrings, Polki Danglers, Kundan Baalis (Studs) or Meenakari Tokri Jhumkis.

Buy Ethnic Silver Jhumkas Online at Silverrage

Contemporary fashion endorses the statement “Less is more”. Gone are the days when you expected to cover yourself with a wide range of jewelry keeping in mind the end goal to look engaging, be it for gathering or a unique event. With regards to moderate gems for ethnic wear, these ethnic silver Jhumkas are your closest companions. A Jhumka has the uncommon capacity to finish a wide range of ethnic outfits easily. Jhumkas are the best companion to improve your womanliness. The complicated plans of Jhumkas add a touch of style to your outfit. Silverrage is the silver jewelry store offers you a noteworthy variety of overpowering Jhumka earring that will make your online shopping  absolutely justified, despite all the trouble! At Silverrage, you can investigate the wide assortment of styles and plans of Jhumkas adorned with vivid stones, dots, shining pearls and Kundan work. Every last Jhumka is a bit of workmanship and made with most extreme exactness. A Jhumka supplements each kind of ethnic wear, for example, saree, kurtis, salwar kameez, skirts and patialas.


Locate the Perfect match for every outfit

An Indian lady’s closet is never completed without a couple sets of Jhumkas. A rich Jhumka can complement the regular magnificence of each lady. Pick a decorated Jhumka with elaborate plans on the off chance that you need to add a touch of style to your outfit. With respect to your regular wear, you can simply go for the oxidized Jhumkas to upgrade your look in an inconspicuous way. The many Jhumkas plans will without a doubt abandon you spoilt for decision. Be it a Meenakari Jhumka, antique style Jhumka, Lotus molded Jhumka or Stone work Jhumka, you will absolutely locate your ideal match appropriate here! Silver Jhumkas are fit for every occasion and it looks good  and matches with traditional type of dress .

Silver Jhumkas Wholesale Sale at Discount

The  silver Jhumkas are more popular for social gatherings or festive events. It is part of Indian culture and a bigger part of Indian cinema which adds sense of elegance to the entire look.

There are various style of Jhumkis which are available some are light and while others may be heavy which is inconvenient to be worn for regular usage. There might be other forms which  includes half Jhumka, half split look and asymmetrical bells.

first and foremost, do not trust the small stores regarding silver jewelry especially silver Jhumkas even you are getting at wholesale rate. They would say that the jewelry is pure but do not fall for it. Sometimes it is terrible experience buying a pair of Silver Jhumka when it was discovered that it was some cheap metal coated with silver color.

However, pretty the design may be, you should not assume that it is pure silver. The question is how to spot places that sell genuine Silver Jhumkas Wholsesale at discount rate.

Try and choose the huge retailers which sell genuine jewelry and have quality stamps. These showrooms are accredited with a quality mark certificate.

Generally, the rates for silver jewelry is calculated based on the silver rate on the particular date. The prices of silver jewelry vary from day to day. If you go to a shop where they claim they sell silver jewelry, check if they calculate the price based on the silver rate on that day. Else ask them if they are accredited with the quality mark to make sure to get the guarantee card.

Do  keep the bill when you buy the silver jewelry even it is silver Jhumkas. Do not throw the bill away so that you can fight back and once you think that you have been fooled.


Lastly, to test if your jewelry is silver, test it with a magnet. Magnet does not attract silver.

As a regular buyer, you may be also getting offers and sales. Most of the online jewelry stores these days are most happy to shower with exclusive deals and discounts. If you’ve given your email address and mobile number to the  jewelry stores, you can rest assured to receive the notifications a few days before the sale starts.

Buy Silver traditional Jhumkas and Silver Earrings online

Earring have their own charms and are one of only a few accessories that can bring a real feel of female among ladies. They positively can change your face into an alluring diva gave they are picked in the correct way and with the correct outfit. Despite the fact that there are a lot of examples in which earring are available, with some being excessively intricate and other less, the Indian culture has generally adopted former more than the latter. One can be significantly more subtle and opt for beautiful earring yet then with regards to Weddings and particularly Indian weddings, jewelries must be dazzling and rich.

In this way, dangling jewelries are more prevalent for parties or happy occasions and in the Indian setting, Jhumkis. Dangling Jhumkis have been a piece of the Indian culture and a greater piece of Indian film for quite a while and add a feeling of style to the whole look.

There are different styles in which Jhumkis are available including hoop Jhumkis that mixes in the classic hoop style earring  pattern alongside moment dangling Jhumkis. There is additionally the easygoing knickknack where one Jhumkas hangs under the other yet is too overwhelming and designed to be worn for normal use. Different patterns for it incorporate half Jhumka, half split look and asymmetrical bells.

Gone are the days when shopping was arranged just by shopping centers and stores. Today’s touch and has made life so natural that shopping, that appeared like hectic, has now turned into a cake walk. Be it clothing, home stylistic theme necessities and so forth, you can have  silver Jhumkas buy online. Not only the apparel, but rather Silver Jhumkas online shopping has excessively set a pattern these days. Shopping for jewelry from online stages can offer you a smooth affair, since the business is developing, especially online.

Purchasing Silver Jhumkas Online

Purchasing Silver Jhumkas Online

Each Indian woman adores wearing pleasant adornments that give them a decent personality and can make life lovely. These days, silver jhumkas are getting enormous popularity and you can without much of a stretch purchase ethnic silver jhumkas that gives you an perfect traditional look. Silver jhumkas online shopping is a decent pattern now and you can shop sitting at your own home.

Make a Safe Purchase


Silver jhumkas online shopping subsequently gets to be distinctly less demanding and complex stores give the online shopping opportunity and you can get the verified one conveyed at your place on time. In any case, before purchasing online know the terms and states of merchandise exchange guaranteeing that you won’t confront any complexities after buying online.

The stores can likewise discover silver jhumkas discount that help the organizations to get more purchasers with a decent gathering of pleasant silver jhumkas. Ensure you locate the correct design and silver jhumka Rajasthani can be a pleasant choice for clients who need to get a conventional one. Aside from the Rajasthani ones, you can likewise discover stylish jhumkas.


Along these lines, silver jhumkas purchase online is a decent methodology helping you to buy the selective gems getting a pleasant look investigating the excellence shrouded somewhere inside your spirit. Likewise, guarantee that you can get a decent spending that you can undoubtedly manage the cost of without confronting any money related emergency. Wearing the silver jhumkas accordingly gives you a breathtaking look and you can coordinate those jhumkas with your saree or shalwar getting a flawless ladylike look. Regardless of whether you are wearing cotton, chiffon or silk sari silver jhumkas can without much of a stretch run with those customary Indian dresses.


The silver jhumkas with stone setting can give you an immaculate charming look that gives you the motivation to proceed in life taking out every one of the difficulties. Alongside jhumkis, you ought to likewise wear different gems like bangles, pieces of jewelry, anklets and so forth that add a particular touch to your look. To begin with, you have to pick the correct brand from where you can buy web based making some great investment funds. In this way, why heading out to the retail location when there is the option to buy online. Before purchasing, go through the detailed product description and warranty ensuring that you get the genuine stuff.